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mature naked womenI'm at work so I had her type up the story from her eyes. Me and my wife went on vacation when this all went down. Almost a year ago my husband and I were able to go on a three day trip to the beautiful islands of Malta. Enjoy lol I am a lucky little slut. I am married to a handsome man that can eat my pussy until I cum so hard it shakes my soul and makes me melt.

We also brought our friend along. The trip started out as trips do, sightseeing, walking, pictures, selfies, food, food, and more older nudes food. By the end of the day we were tired, but dying for some nightlife. The men were ready relatively fast (of course). But I wear it really well.

I have the cutest little-big ass, and perky tits mature women pics mature women with the prettiest pink little nipples, even though I’m latina. Let me paint a picture: I’m very petite. We’ll call him Nick. I, on the other hand, took a good while. I felt sexy and I knew my husband was ready to show me off.

I was wearing a tight black skirt and a crop top. About 4’ 11", 98 pounds. We grabbed some dinner and hit up a few pubs. We had a couple more drinks in us and as we walked through the streets the boys kept pointing out the very obvious strip clubs all comically guarded by a big, tall bouncer. Here’s where things start to get interesting for me.

Now, keep in mind I’ve been with mature women before. My skin is olive toned, but its toasty like caramel. They clearly wanted to go in. So I clearly enjoy women. So you can see where the strip club presented a mental conflict for me.

Did I want to see some girls? But on the other hand is the part of me that is very territorial and jealous when it comes to my husband. In fact my best friend and I fucked my husband many times during another trip (that’s a story for another day).

In fact, I very much enjoy to pleasure mature women and I’m damn good at it. Was I thrilled that my husband would be checking out half naked mature women? And honestly I noticed a few strippers looking at my husband, which was kinda sexy… especially because I knew I would be the one fucking him at the end of the night… We stopped at a couple more strip clubs before we ended up at a nightclub. ok, I’m borderline drunk.

Let me mention that by this point we are all pretty buzzed. I eventually broke down and we checked out some strip clubs. I was surprisingly alert, horny, and still ready to party when we made it back. So off we went to explore the town. Eventually I was between my husband and Nick and at that point the thought crossed my mind: I wanted them both.

But the music was great and the more I danced the hornier I got. and I didn’t waste any time putting on my bikini and leading the two boys upstairs. At this point I knew what was about to happen. My husband suggested we go to the roof.

I know I wanted them both, I just didn’t know if my husband was on the same page. Nick was there but he looked a bit confused as to whether he should be there or not. We kept dancing until it was time to stumble back to the hotel. Eventually my husband grabbed my waist and kissed me. He undid my top exposing my pretty little tits which were already hard and perky.

The water was too cold to get in, so we made our way to the edge of the balcony. Our hotel had this beautiful balcony with a hot tub and a courtyard that faced some of the other rooms. I turned around as Nick kissed my mouth and my husband ate my pussy. Because the sexual tension was palpable.

who was all too eager to join… I felt Nicks hands from behind as he started caressing my breasts. At this point I saw him signal Nick over. Tit’s out and pussy exposed. Nick sat down on a nearby bench as I slowly pulled down his pants.

It was thrilling to know that my husband was watching me. I felt so tiny and powerless as they both explored my body. It was even sexier knowing we were fucking in plain sight. My mind was racing and then my husband kissed me further and further south until he yanked my bikini bottoms off and slowly parted my pussy with his tongue.

I was hoping someone was watching. The feeling of being taken by two men was so sexy. My husband who knows every inch of me was watching another man touch his wife, and Nick was wide eyed and enjoying the thrill of seeing his best friends lady naked.

My husband took a step back and watched as I sucked Nicks dick. My ass was up in the air calling out to him and eventually I could feel his tongue gliding up my pussy from behind. I pictured some man looking out and seeing this petite girl groped by two men, sucking two dicks and loving every minute of it. The thought just added to my excitement.

I wanted him to see what a good little slut I was. I turned around and slowly sat down on his friends dick. The whole time making intense eye contact with my husband who had his hard dick in his hand stroking it occasionally. I knew later he would praise me for being so good and dirty for him. seeing his petite wife taking on another mans dick.

I kept wondering what he was thinking. But I knew my husband was loving it. I sucked his friends dick eagerly but strangely enough doing it to please my husband. Nick stood up and took me near the edge of the balcony where my husband stood. I bounced on his dick as he slapped my ass.

I immediately put his perfect dick in my mouth. Anyone in those rooms above could have seen us. He bent me over the balcony and shoved his big familiar cock deep inside me. I still hoped someone was watching us. I felt so degraded, so dirty, but soooo good.

Especially in that moment where I was vulnerable and totally his. Knowing it was mine and knowing my husband would do what he pleases with me. I bounced on his dick slow, then fast, grinding my hips and pushing it further inside me. That thought actually thrilled me as much as my husband watching me please another man.

Nick was kneeling beside us as I stroked his dick with my hand, occasionally putting it in my mouth. Then my husband laid down as I straddled him. I wanted his cum so bad. I looked at my husband as he was about to cum. My face was down, and my ass was up in the air and Nick stood up beside me.

I wanted to feel his dick throbbing as his sticky cum squirted inside me. Right as I swallowed all the cum in my mouth, Nick picked me face up as he stroked his dick until he shot a second load into my mouth, forcing me to swallow it. Feeling dirty as hell, but I loved every second of it. I got off his dick and quickly placed it in my mouth.

Not much was said, but My husband and I jumped in the shower. He held my head down hard as he shot so much hot cum into my mouth. We laid down for bed and he ate my pussy until I came so hard, there’s no way Nick didn’t hear my moans. That was my reward… for being such a good little slut. Feeling pleased with myself for pleasing two men.

We got up, I got my bathing suit on and we stumbled back down to our room. I was grinding my hips into his while he grabbed my tiny waist.

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