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But first a description I'm about 5"10 average build, latino not athletic, but not fat just your average guy. So yeah, I wasn't expecting this to happen. She's also pretty much 5"10, brunette, white,Perky B cup tits, and an free nude mature women ass that I've been dreaming of since the day I first met this girl. But it finally did, and I was so happy about it, that I decided to mature women in porn share it with you guys since I've enjoyed a lot of stories from here and its time to give back.

We both got into a cab and headed to the bar, it was still pretty early (around 9pm) so we both just got drinks and chatted some more, I was getting older women nude much more flirty and trying to push my luck and see how far that would take me, getting closer to her as she was talking, putting my hands on hers and holding them mature women nude etc.

Things were going well, we were both laughing, getting close to each other and just having a good time in general (we usually just had a lot of small talk when we saw each other, but we were pretty good friends). I had just finished my shift at work (I work in a restaurant) and it so happened that this girl (Maya) that I also work with got off at the same time, we hadn't seen each other in a while so we decided to grab a bite to eat in the restaurant and have a drink and catch up.

A bit of time had passed and she decided she wanted to leave, I suggested we should grab a drink somewhere else and hang out a bit more, at this point we went to another bar/club she's been wanting to try for a while. She had been pretty busy lately with school and had finished her exams and just wanted to unwind (should of been my first hint) that night.

When talking to her I never actually assumed I had a chance with this girl, she was always quiet, but somehow today she was just outgoing and confident. A while passed and we realized a dance floor had started to build up, (at this point we were both somewhat tipsy) A song came on and she beamed up, "We've got to dance" she said, knowing this was my chance, I immediately agreed, grabbed her hand and guided her to the dance floor and we started dancing, after a few songs I began to get closer and closer and eventually I had my arms around her waist and we started grinding against each other, this was so hot.

I took her away from the dance floor and nervously asked if she wanted to come to my place and "have a few drinks" she agreed and got her stuff and we left and got in a cab and heading to my place. At this point, I was nervous (I had a dry spell for about six months before her) and was just like "Fuck it", I leaned in and kissed her and it was everything I could of imagined it to be, she was very good at it, and we just passionately made out for a few minutes before we kept on with the dancing.

At this point, I absolutely had to fuck nude mature women this girl, I was rock hard and wanted to see this girl naked. She smiled back and kissed me and we headed towards my room, she walked in and told me to help her out (she was wearing a hostess outfit) I unzipped her dress and took it off her. She started giving me and head and it was amazing, this girl had some experience and knew exactly what she was doing.

At one point she even put her mouth on my balls and started licking them, this was one of allover30 the hottest things that had ever happened to me. After a while I grabbed her hands and got her to stand up, I unclasped her bra and admired her tits, I grabbed them with both of my hands and started playing with them, sucking them and eventually I decided to fuck her tits.

After a couple minutes she turned around, looked at me and smiled and in the sexiest way possible she just lowered herself and brought herself pack up, it was like something out of a movie. 10 minutes later we were there, I opened the door to my house and luckily no one was there, it was then I realized I had gotten a text from my roommate saying that he was spending the night at his girlfriends and wouldn't be home for a couple days (how convenient for me ) I smiled as I looked at my phone, and told Maya we had the place to ourselves.

I was in awe, this girl was gorgeous, she was wearing a black thong that showed her ass perfectly and I immediately went in and grabbed it, she smiled as she backed up and we kinda grinded for a bit, she then turned around and started unbuttoning my shirt and took it off, she ran her hands down my stomach and eventually got to my jeans, she put her hand down my hands and grabbed my dick and started to give me a hand job, with her other hand she slowly unbuttoned my jeans and got on her knees.

At this point I went in and gave her a pussy a few licks and started playing with it, I wasn't selfish, one of my favorite things to do was please a girl and make her cum, so I started getting to work, I licked her pussy and sucked on her clit a bit and eventually decided to put a finger in, I started with one and then another and suddenly I had three fingers in her, feeling her juices and hearing her moan.

It was just me and her and I knew if ever had a chance, this would be it. This is when my primal instincts took over and I became an animal, I kept going, faster and faster and after 5 minutes I flipped her over and started to look her in the eyes as I kept on fucking her. She was so wet, I started teasing her a bit more and she eventually cracked, "Fuck me" she said, that wasn't enough for me for some reason, I had been waiting for this ever since she started working with me eight months ago, "What do you want me to do, I said (in a dominant voice) "I want you to fuck me" she said ( As soon as she said that I was ready to cum right than and there, but I got my shit together) at this point I went inside her, slowly and you could tell she was enjoying it by her moan, I love the sound of a girls moan the first time you get inside her.

I've been wanting this girl for so long so I decided then and there I was going to do whatever I wanted with her, so at this point I threw her on the bed and told her to get on her hands and knees and position herself for doggy style, I slowly took her thong off and just admired the view, it was amazing, I had jacked off thinking about her ass more times than I care to admit.

I slowed it down, just wanted this made me want to cum, I told her I was pretty close and again she got on her knees and started giving me a blow job to finish me off, she jacked me off and I came all over her face, it was one of the best nights I had in a while.

After that we cuddled for a bit and went to bed , I woke up with her completely naked to me and her tits pressed up against my chest, I felt great, my confidence was back. It was amazing, I felt her pussy tighten up and juices flowed onto my dick.

Our bodies grinded against each other and after a while I could hear her moaning getting louder, I figured she must be close and kept going, I put my mouth on her nipples at the same time, just so I could take her over the edge. We fooled around some more, but that's a story for another time.

I started off slowly, fucking her from behind in doggy style (clearly I wanted to take full advantage of her ass) and sped up. I got close and started making out with her, I again started playing with her tits and it was then that I realized I finally had this girl all to myself and it felt amazing. This happened about a week ago and we've hooked up a couple times since then and been texting most days, if people want I got more stories involving her.

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