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Dennis Tominsky, a freshman nineteen years of age, comes in to class late, as usual. He’s been baked pretty much since midnight last night, when he had a pot brownie left over from his pal’s party, plus a joint, plus a bowl. Yup, he’s fucking high. He was engaged in certain other, er…recreational activities.

The teacher continues. He sits at his regular seat while the teacher glares at him. He looks down his row at— A fairly attractive girl in a white silk blouse. He stares straight ahead, still with that smirk, his mind elsewhere, and turns to his right. She wears a brown skirt and leggings.

He takes his backpack off, but he has an agenda in this class other than studying. But something happens to her positioning once Dennis walks in. He didn’t get much sleep that night. She smiles only faintly. She doesn’t have to look at him to know he’s there. Dennis doesn’t take out his notebook or anything.

A Race and Gender Politics freshman level class at a large university in the Midwest. Dennis has a smirk on his face and glazed eyes. She goes back to taking notes. Once he mistakenly brushed against Dennis in the hall and Dennis immediately, as if on cue, stomped on his foot. It’s only when she feels his eyes on her that she returns the gaze.

Dennis has this worldly, hyper-experienced look to him. There’s a tinge of nervousness in the smile. Dennis flashed him a quick grin. Dennis turns away from her. The other thing that Jim has noticed about Dennis is his odor. It is only recently, since he finally got a girlfriend, since he finally got laid and got to try things out with her, that he’s realized what the smell is: Pussy. He asked if Jim was okay.

Dennis frequently arrives at class smelling like pussy. A tinge of regret even? At the end of class, Dennis leaves pretty quickly. She asks the professor a question. Oh by the way: the girl’s name is Courtney. The girl in the white blouse lags behind. Aside from the times when he smells of pot, Jim sometimes smells something else coming from Dennis.

Then he changed expression immediately. The guy who sits beside Dennis, Jim, is intimidated by Dennis. Yeah, Dennis is behind her, gripping her waist, fucking her against the shower wall. Even the professor seems lecherously attracted to her, at some level.

In the shower of her bathroom, under running water, Courtney’s cheek presses against the tiles and from her wide open mouth she yelps, Oh! Jim sees it all and thinks, Oh. It’s good that his hands are stabilizing her waist because after a few more minutes of all this, Courtney has started to tremble. He isn’t even wearing a condom.

He’s constantly dipping his fingers under the streams of water and delving them back between her legs, curving his hand in an arch and causing a mucking, squelching sound to emit from Courtney’s vag, which she responds to by moaning Oh! She’s quite pleasant. She needs her roommate to get out. Outside the door, Donna, Courtney’s roommate approaches.

She just got back from jogging. Then— Ah ah ah ah With the slapping speeding up. She goes out of the building and meets up with Dennis, who is lagging outside, staring in to space, as if surveying a kingdom. So there’s the sound of that, plus Dennis’ cock sliding in and out of her and the slapping sound of his nuts against her upper thighs. It’s a shared space.

She would never even give a blowjob. That plus the shower running. And Donna thinks about how she’s never this loud either. She’s raising her fist to knock on the door when she hears— Oh! They exchange a couple words and move on. " Donna knows that voice. She thinks about how she would never fuck someone in a shared shower.

She knows it from…when. Who she broke things off with after he told her he’d been released from juvenile prison a year ago. Donna gets bold and bangs on the door. "You guys better finish up pretty fucking soon, I’ve got a fountain in my bladder out here. She is not into this shit. The shower water went off.

Slap slap slap muck (squelch) muck (squelch) aaaahhhhmmmm aaaaahhhmmmmm Ah! " A male voice, from the shower— "Shut the fuck up! older women pictures At least in Donna’s experience. That guy she met the second week, who she did jello shots with, who she blew—in her bedroom—while wasted and had sex with three times afterward.

But Dennis was one of them. Suddenly, the sound of their bodies. She felt afraid for Courtney. Courtney’s O sounds muffled— Mmmm mmmmm hmmmm aaaoohhhmmmmm Few guys lasted this long. Courtney’s either exaggerating for the guy (unlike her) or the sex is pretty terrific (unlikely). She felt a chill run up her spine. Most young men would be content with some hot chick lubing up their junk between classes, but Dennis is not most young men.

She didn’t want anything to happen to her. He isn’t even going to his afternoon class. She wanted her to see through Dennis. Donna walked down the hall to her room. As he naps, his phone buzzes. But the way he fucked… Ah! In his dorm room, for two hours, he naps. It says, Hey Jim’s studying for some exam later 2night.

What a perfect time for a post-pot/post pussy nap. A text message, from Jodie, that he will later read lights up the screen. 4) He checks the location of the restaurant where his boss, Palmer (Not even his last name. He has to toss a pair of black silk panties to the floor to get a good nap in.

It’s what he actually goes by) on Google Maps. And because he was fucking scary. Here’s what Dennis does upon waking up: 1) He takes a piss 2) He checks his e-mails (he has four. He walks across campus, dick stuck to boxers, gets into his dorm and notices a breeze and a bunch of clouds as he walks in.

5) He sends an e-mail to his sponsor who was assigned to him after he was released from juvenile prison last summer because he hadn’t been a juvenile for months by that time. 7) Checks his text messages. 6) Eats a bowl of Ramen noodles while watching footage from a website of videos of real life accidents.

She looks like she put on a little too much eyeshade this morning and is wearing just her jeans and a short sleeve shirt that she also wore to bed. Sees the text from Jodie. One just for porn/sex chats) 3) He checks his schedule for work this weekend at the modeling boutique where he works as assistant photographer for a sleazy mustachioed boss with whom he’s having dinner that evening.

8) Showers, cleans off his prick, trims a few pubes. Tells him everything’s good, man. She doesn’t give a fuck. By 5:15 she’s cowgirl fucking Dennis while wearing wearing Dennis’ cap that says : TRUMP and below that: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Dennis has made a several New Year’s resolutions: one is to stop accepting money from his felon father.

He laughs at what he watches. Another is mature women sexy mature women to only bang squirters from here on out. That’s what Dennis likes about her and it’s what she likes about him. He got it at a Trump rally. She smiles out of one corner of her mouth. Another is to make at least $30,000 that year. Not, like, a gusher (he isn’t a fan of those); just the type of chick whose cum will dribble down your cock and on to your balls.

Dennis reaches up to Jodie’s face with one hand. Her mouth is already open from all the moans so his fingers just drop inside. He runs his fingers across her cheek and over her lips. Jodie is indeed a squirter. But she still sucks his fingers. At 5:00, Jodie arrives. He feels her shaved-bare vag scrubbing against his pubes.

He could lose a few anyway. Jodie stares right at him. He watches her suck his three fingers and grips her wrist tighter with his other hand and jiggles her waist around. Before she can suck on them, Dennis does what he really means to do; he pushes down on her jaw and tilts her face down. Someone who behaves in the sack as Dennis behaves—so, the type of guy to physically move a girl’s head while fucking her so that she has to look at him—does not have to worry about the woman stopping the show, getting mad, calling it off.

He’s been pretty good about keeping the last one. Dennis has a checklist that he quickly runs through in his head at this point. Have we been going for at least five minutes? He runs through it with all his girls. She sucks harder and he feels her teeth a little. (In this case, uncheck) 3.

Her vagina is contracting around my cock (Check) 5. There are audible body-induced sounds other than her moaning, me grunting, the mattress squeaking (Check) 6. His main goal for the here and now, as he watches Jodie’s finely arched back flex at her shoulder blades and sees her ass cheeks jiggle as he manipulates them with his hands, which move her up and down, is to Make Jodie Squirt Again.

I am fucking her with the help of substances. It should be turning off automatically in another five minutes. The camera is still on and recording (Check) Yes. She makes a high pitched sound that comes out all muffled from her closed mouth. The red light does shine through the hole in his dresser.

He whaps his pelvis up and down. The moans are back and louder. Fast, harder, like ticker tape. She is fucking me with the help of substances. It bounces off her tits for a final hallelujah. Jodie bounces hard enough that the Trump hat shifts with her moving hair and pops off her head.

Too much is happening with her pussy to keep her eyes closed any longer. Dennis feels the sensation building up in his cock. No, Jodie does not know. Mario will buy this one. Dennis looks into her face and knows that this will be a good fucking video. He and Jodie do snuggle for a bit afterwards. Chicks let him do it but Jodie is the only one he likes doing it for.

Dennis releases his fingers from her mouth. First he gets a tissue from his desk, then he wipes off his slippery cock (look ma, no condom! He gives her this affection. ) then he grabs another tissue, brings it to Jodie and dabs the wetness off her pussy lips and tucks in her pussy lips and thinks Christ chicks let me do this. Dennis tosses the vagina tissue to the side. Dennis looks to his right just a hair.

She’s also the only one who wears the Trump hat, who takes birth control, who is as rough as him, who scratches his back. "Only my cock," Dennis replies. They also both like poop jokes and Rusted Root. She bends further and further until her O face is pretty much perfectly aligned with the Go Pro that records her from behind the one-way mirror just above Dennis’ headboard.

How they doth accumulate in his room. She hooks a leg around his. "You’re strange," she says. "Your heart never races," she says. "You’re always so calm," Jodie says. " Dennis doesn’t have anything to say to that. In another half hour, after she uses his bathroom and they have a cup of coffee each, Jodie has to go back to her boyfriend, Jim.

Dennis thinks of what might happen if he tells her that he raw-dogged his FWB from Gender Studies in her shower about three hours before. Dennis gets the cameras, takes out the cards, and imports it in to his computer. He feels her cheek on his nipple and she nestles her curly brown hair in to his chest.

He cuts the shot from camera A (the camera in the dresser drawer) at the point where Jodie bounces pretty high and his cock is visible in the gap between her butt and his legs with a shot from the Go Pro, punched in so what we see is Jodie’s sleek unfurled pussy lips hoisted full mast on his cock, plummeting down until the top edge of her bush is all that’s visible.

" "Sometimes I think you’re dangerous. There’s a moment there where her eyes crack open just slightly. "I’m just hiding my second penis," Dennis says. "I’m Doctor Strange. Did she dismiss it as some orgasmic hallucination? " "Sometimes I feel like you’re hiding something," Jodie says.

He cuts that with a shot of her tits flopping around just before she bent down and faced the camera with her squinted shut eyes and her noisy mouth. Dennis chuckles just thinking about it. Or is that what she meant when she said he was hiding something?

For the next forty-five minutes, he edits. Dennis watches Jodie’s eyes flutter shut in slow motion and listens to the slow motion lowness of her oncoming: UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH…. Then plays in back in fast motion, listening to her Alvin and the Chipmunks style: EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH Dennis saves and quits. It could be either and both are funny to him.

An outstanding balance of $2,500. He goes online and checks his student account balance. He can take care of that after this video plus the last (with the 40 year old MILF). "We’ve got about four other interested girls, though," says Palmer, stabbing a piece of dark turkey meat.

One of these girls, Natasha, she said the Ukraine when I spoke with her on the phone. "I think three of them are from the Ukraine. " "That’s probably because it was too hard for her to hear her English lessons with all those Russian bombs going off," Dennis said. When she said he was dangerous?

" "Genes," says Dennis. " Dennis sits across from him, a perpetual look of smugness on his face that appears whenever he hangs out with Palmer. " Palmer is staring at him. "It’s just Ukraine, Palmer," says Dennis. "You know, Dennis, you’re the type of guy who you talk to and think, ‘I bet that guy is actually just a complete dumbass with a lot of self-confidence. He takes a drink of his wine and keeps eating.

He doesn’t use Photoshop or anything like that. Did she see the camera? He removes from his pocket four printed photos. ’ So why are you, like, not a dumbass? He passes them across the table to Dennis. But he’s kind of out of luck on this one. "They will most likely start on Monday. "Natasha, Larissa, Anastasia and Nikita," he says, pointing to each one.

Palmer just gets the headshots of his models printed at an actual store. "I don’t think so, man," Palmer says. Dennis has tried teaching him. She’s the cutest of the four. "I am so serious," says Dennis. " Monday is the day Dennis is least likely to get any tail. "Palms, get me drunk dude. " "I’m serious," says Palmer.

"They’re all busted," says Dennis. This despite the fact that he’s already banging Marketa, the Polish model with the five month old son. "Listen, can you come in for a mature women pics night shoot? He drains his glass of wine. Maybe he can stop over at the studio that evening and see what Nikita thinks of him.

" "I’m serious about needing to get obliterated and wake up naked, in a stranger’s backyard, with a burning car next to me," says Dennis. "I’ll lower your video quotient to just one for this month if you come in tonight…" "Woah, you’re breaking up there," says Dennis. Palmer is like an old man. " Palmer shuts his eyes.

The lights will already be there. The tasks at the office and…the rest. I need a model shot profile at 4k. "If you could just come in tonight…" Dennis is shaking his head this entire time. "I appreciate everything you do. "But I heard something about me just being an intern and a friendly reminder that therefore nothing is really expected of me that actual shooters would do. "You drink too much," says Palmer.

Did she let it slip to her kid that Hey, I’m getting my brains fucked out by this freshman in college currently, could you not shout out anything about this next time I bring you to work…and her kid had shouted out something about it at work? "Marketa," Dennis repeats.

" He waves his hand as if thirty-plus amateur porn hot older women - Read A lot more, videos can just be brushed off the table and not make a loud clattering sound. " Dennis’ head freezes just about 110 degrees swiveled. You just have to shoot. He’s about to say mature women something to effect of thanking Dennis when Dennis says, "Red wine is pretty gross. Did she say something?

"Then you wouldn’t laugh so hard and embarrass us in front of everybody. He buys them a round of shots. It reminds me of this one time my ex-girlfriend got her period while I was eating her out," Palmer tries to shush him but instead cracks up. "I need to start lying more," Dennis said. " Palmer just takes it.

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