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A little about myself: I'm a single 31-year old mature women older mature women naked mature women male, 6'2", 190 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, and, unlike most redditors who claim 8" penises, I'll own up to my 6 inches. I first met Nancy at my friend's graduation shindig.

This is the first of (hopefully) several stories. Think Christina Aguilera from Burlesque (shitty movie, I know) with dark hair and a few more pounds. Just in case, I've separated the background from the fun with some asterisks. He had just finished grad school and Nancy, a friend of his, taught History at a local high school. At first, Nancy had that annoying sing-songy voice/personality that was quite a turnoff (the kind where you feel that she's talking to you like you're one of her students).

Sorry in advance if it's too long, I'm naked old mature women not quite sure how the type translates to the page. The man of the hour and his wife took off. But as the night wore on, and light beer/wine gave way to harder drinks and shots, I learned a few important things: she had a foul mouth, a perverse sense of humor, she was recently single, and was wearing a black lace thong (the last tidbit was learned through some well-timed glances.

A few other guys and gals (who were in much better shape) drove off. My first guess was old naked ladies that she was of Hispanic descent, in her mature women late 20s, 5'3", 120lbs, with an amazing rack (C cups), and an ass to match. She bluntly mentioned that her underwear was wedged "deep in [her] crack.

) By the time last call rolled around, we were wasted. I suggested that we share an Uber to her place and then I would re-engage the Uber to take me home from there. Realizing that her place was just a few blocks away, I manned up and made a move, holding her waist and kissing her deeply.

Knowing that iI had taken a cab, Nancy offered to give me a ride home in her car, but I was sensible enough to know she was too drunk to be driving. She returned the kiss, putting her hand in my hair and pushing her tongue against mine. We got out of the car and made our way up to her apartment, stumbling and giggling all the way. The Uber ride was somewhat awkward as it seemed like we had talked about every possible subject before leaving.

" It was enough to make us both laugh hysterically. Tongues and hands exploring each other frenetically. Once inside, I pushed her against the door and we kissed hungrily. As it turns out, most of my guesses except for her age – she was also 31 – were correct.

Nancy let out the sexiest and most relieved moan I've ever heard, as if this is all she's wanted all night. We pulled each other's tops off, I unclasped her bra, and I kissed down her body while she stood there. As I got to my knees, I pulled her jeans down and kissed her already-wet pussy through her thong.

She put one foot on my shoulder, opening herself up to me. She pushed her pussy down into my face and I licked her clit repeatedly, using my free hand to reach up and squeeze her perfects tits, eventually sending her into a loud, shaking orgasm. She nodded towards the couch and ran to the bathroom to get a condom.

I took that as my sign to pull the strap of her thong aside and press my tongue deep into her wet pussy. I fumbled to get my socks and shoes off, stepped out of my jeans and boxers, and rolled on a condom which seemed to take forever to do. I sucked each one as she lowered herself onto my cock and rode me for what felt like forever – changing speeds, grinding, and kissing.

I pushed one, then two fingers into her and started slowly pumping them in and out of her. I sat down on the couch, leaned back, and she climbed into my lap, positioning herself on top of my dick, with her tits pressed right into my face.

I took the opportunity to explore her body, my hands feeling every inch of her body, down to her ass. As she stood there recovering, I asked if she wanted to go into the bedroom. licking up and down her soaked slit. Things heated up quickly. She instinctively reached her arms over the back of the couch and arched her back, pushing her ass out towards me.

Eventually, I could tell her legs were getting tired, so I picked her up and set her back down on the couch on her hands and knees. I squeezed and pulled her asscheeks apart and I could feel her get wetter. She reached back under herself and rubbed her clit. Without a word she got on her knees and asked me to cum in her mouth. Feeling that occur around my cock had me on the edge of a huge orgasm and I told her I was close.

I wanted to smack her ass but thought better of it since I hadn't cleared it. I slowly sunk my cock into her and we collectively groaned. but I still managed to snap the condom off of me in time to send three or four thick ropes of cum into her mouth. I dressed, exchanged numbers with her, thanked her for an incredible night, and took a cab back to my place.

She swallowed it all and in one motion sucked off the few drops remaining on the head of my cock. I managed to keep it together for a few minutes until she began convulsing and cumming again. Of course, knowing what was about to happen, I began cumming almost instantly as I pulled out of her. Needless to say, Nancy and I saw each other a handful of times after that.

1gn40qZ ntxthrowaway 1KMF097 1KMF097[1 comment] I held her waist and fucked her pussy hard and fast, my balls and thighs slapping against her backside. I'm happy to post other encounters if people are interested. After collapsing on her couch for a few minutes, she left to change for bed.

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