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(and be gentle, this is my first post) I'm 25 and my boyfriend is 35, we have been together for almost 2 years. We made a comeback though and things started to look up again. A big part of it seemed to be his drive and performance was down. It didn't happen all at once but slowly just came to a screeching hault for the most part. Our sex life has never been spectacular but it was good enough (I still had an orgasm eveytime even though it was pretty monotonous for my likikng & appetite) we were having sex fairly regularly (3 or so times in the week) when he was home from camp (he works 7 days on 7 days off) then things changed.

mature women picturesMonths went by and the same thing started to happen. I could feel this dark cloud around anytime I wanted sex and the exact moment he just gives up trying my heart sinks a little more each time but I put on a happy face and finish him off willingly. He said he didn't want me to have to work so hard, that it wasn't fair to me.

Recently the same thing happened but this time he wouldn't let me help him. I was trying to be a real team player, it is mature women more fun if we both "get there". He was initiating it much more than before, it wasn't so monotonous and I was satisfied mostly. We stopped having mature women bummer, overly emotional conversations about the problems all the time and I made a bigger effort to make it fun and climactic for both of us.

After that day I just made the appointment for him. We had talked about him going to a doctor to cross that possibility off the list before but he always put it off and resisted. On one hand I get where he was coming from, he didn't want to disappoint me again but I thought we were a team and him giving up let me down more than not having naked older mature women an orgasm would have. I on the other hand am the exact opposite.

He turtles in and pushes it down. Again, slowly and not all at once but the same effort on my part wasn't doing it for him anymore. I confirmed by saying so there is only problem when I am in the room. He doesn't communicate his feelings very well. The appointment was set for mature naked housewives a Monday so all we had to do was get through the weekend.

(Ouch) I think I would have waited until Monday to talk more but that set me into a self conscious tail spin. After a while I started asking direct questions (because getting information out of him freely is like juicing a rock) he admitted to masturbating at least every other day while at work (never trying to include me in it btw as I work out of town too and have on many occasions sent&asked for pictuers/videos and would be more than willing to participate) when we would only have sex maybe once or twice the week he was home and I initiated it, that he thinks of porn while he is inside of me and that he isn't as attracted to me since I gained weight (double ouch.

In addition, we were having troubles I guess you would say in other areas of our relationship which put extra pressure on us. I just don't get turned on by porn, it's hard for me to not feel hurt when he would rather imagine himself having sex with someone other than me. How can I stop comparing myself to the actresses? soft spot for me for sure) (part of the reason I gained weight is the lack of intimacy and living isolated in the place he wants to live plus he has gained weight too) My question is this: How can I feel more comfortable with him watching porn when our sex life is so poor?

We didn't speak about it the rest of the day but after a night of bad dreams involving him and other mature women (I have bad dreams frequently) my emotions were running wild and I pushed the issue when we woke up. I am willing to try (and would love! I want to talk right away and get it all out there (it is something I'm working on) for 2 days I kept telling myself to leave well enough alone, don't ask questions you don't want the answer to and just wait until Monday to see what the doctor says but it was eating away at me.

) More games and role playing to act out our fantasies but I have never really been able to get him on board comfortably. I WANT to get over this hangup regardless of this relationship and do realize that my poor history with relationships and porn influence my feelings on it but I can't seem to help that it makes me feel like shit and self conscious.

I think it is unfair, unrealistic and a fruitless endovour but I can't help but think if he was just looking at it as sex and imagining us in it or me rather than him with other girls I would feel so much better about it. I get that porn is a tool like other toys. I masturbate and am fine with him doing it, I just wish he could think of over 30 milf me or us instead like I do.

When I told him about the appointment I made we spoke briefly (I was trying to tread lightly to not hurt his feelings) and he said he didn'the have the same issues when he was masturbating so it must not be physical. I am open to almost anything. I don't want to try to monitor his alone time. I don't know how to put this behind me for good.

Can I ask him to do that/try that reasonably or is that naked older ladies like policing his thoughts?

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