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older mature womenSomething I knew I wanted. So one this cold night, we started to play. And I only trust Her to help me to those places. I sit on Her lap like She asks, and She starts to run Her hands all over me. That is the agreement, that is what we promised. She takes control and makes it known I am about to cum inHer hands and She does it so well.

The night I was spanked mature women This is something I have asked for. Either by Her hand or someone Nude middle Aged Women She chooses for me. I needed to be spanked, and properly. Those wonderful hands find their way down my body between my legs, just gently feeling at first, but not for long. Rubbing my clit til my body can't stand it and loses all control. Little did I know what was going to be getting the warm up.

Soon She says its time to go inside, no fire is starting and we need to warm up. We were outside and She wanted to keep me warm, warm Her hands as well. It is where I belong everyday. She comes over and kisses me, softly but at the same time with a slight firmness, I know She is about to show me something new in our world.

She continues to do so over and over, we giggle in between, She loves my sounds. I love the feeling of mature women letting Her take control and teach me and make me Hers. Slowly she gets me to lay on my stomach, She is kneeled over me, running Her hands all over my body. I love Her bed so much, I could stay there forever. old mature women We go to Her room and I lay on Her bed, so soft and cozy.

I am ready to push limits, see how far I can go. She takes it with a great beauty. My expectations again had no idea where we were going tonight. Slowly She pulls my pants down just below my ass, running Her hands down my skin, Her touch is exhilarating. I am laying there just feeling Her and She is lightly kissing my skin. She smacks my ass and the fire begins.

She knows just what to do to makes those sounds too. All of a sudden the sweet sting comes. The pain is magnificent and making me wet. Then it happens again, another smack stinging hard. She lovingly kisses her spots ever so lovingly. Her lips are amazing on my skin. One hand slides under my belly and unbuttons my pants, She giggles and counts my buttons, yes there are two tonight.

Her smacks are so intoxicating, I feel myself slipping. She moans lightly, She is liking what She sees. This time I moan, I am feeling it in my body, traveling thru my skin to the other parts of me. Soon I am not aware, can't older nude ladies hear anything but the light moans coming from me breathing.

She lightly rubs the spot and then kisses it. I can feel the slight touch of Her fingers on me, in my hair, I know She is there, I know I am safe in Her arms, that much I know. I let the feeling flow thru me, washing me over with joy and pleasure. She smiles and I smile, I say thank you, She has given me something amazing. This time she spanks me with my pants up, the sting of the spanking and the jean material sends me straight to screams, screams of pleasure, but screams, the feeling is much different.

I can feel subspace coming, but can not fight it. One is so hard, goosebumps outline Her finger prints, I can feel on my skin where her hand print is and where the goosebumps are, that one made me cum so hard, I was trying not to scream, I was not very successful. Again and again, without any idea when it will happen, She spanks my ass, one side then another.

Like a return tattoo session just days after the outline. The sting is amazing, the heat is strong and inching up my body. Her hand comes again, I arch my back and bite the pillow. Soon She is back on top of me, kneeling over me, my pants come down again, She wants to see her work.

I am with Her, all is right in this moment. Soon She is in front of me, Her eyes are the first older mature women photos thing I see, I am back. She does amazing work. I am back fully now, She is not done. I can't hold it in, I scream loud and moan as I breath I am in ecstasy. The redness and the outlines are beautiful.

Once more, She spanks bare skin, this time hard and with great force. I am grateful for her taking me here. She is giving me just what I need, and She knows that this is one more step forward for us. The remainder of our night is aftercare, she holds me and we talk silently and giggle, the night was yet again perfect in each and every way.

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