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I wear a pair of red heels, and red lipstick to match. my breasts are practically falling out of the top, and it barely comes down to my mid thigh, accentuating my ass. I suddenly feel you behind me, your hips swaying to the rhythm of my own. Another drink in and i start to relax a bit swaying my hips to the music.

Me and my friend grab a few drinks and I start to feel a slight buzz and warm sensation in my tummy. you grab my waist and pull me closer to you. I'm wearing a short black dress that may have been a size too small.

It's a friday night, me and a few friends decide to go to a local club. You catch your breath. I turn around, put my arms on around your neck and kiss you, a random stranger in the night. I finish my drink and gyrate my ass on your crotch. You continue, practically humping me on the dance floor. I feel your cock poking at my pussy, I can feel myself getting wet. This stranger wants to fuck me.

Your hands wander and you slid them from my hips to my ass, squeezing my hard, spreading my cheeks apart. Your hand goes between my ass and you get a feel for my pussy. I press myself on you. It drives me wild and i bite your lips. You want me, and you have to have me. You can just tell I am going to be a tight fuck.

The thought of a stranger getting horny because of my body, and my dancing turns me on. I feel you getting hard underneath your slacks. I'm wearing black panties. You open the door and I jump in, you bite your mouth as you get a peek at my ass.

You take my hand without asking and drag me away from my friend. You're driving an SUV with tinted windows. You put the car in to drive and head to your place. I lean towards you and undo your buckle and pants. We exit the club and we go to your car.

You swerve a little as I continue to suck. Your cock springs to life from under your pants. I play with your balls and you gasp for breath. I lick my lips as I pull down the mature women naked ladies foreskin and suck on the head. I am a little whore and you know it. You moan and grab my head to suck on your cock deeper. I move my hand up and down your cock and you are moaning, your breath getting more shallow by the minute.

You pull me towards you and kiss my lips, face, and neck. I continue to suck your cock and let go for just a moment to lick and suck on your balls. You grab me by my hips and I jump on you. I swallow your whole load and continue to lick your cock.

I put my lips over your cock one more and suck hard, making you cum in my mouth. We arrive at your home and you get me out of the car. You get in the drivers side and turn on the mature women engine. You kiss me from head to to toe, your hands caressing my hips and thighs. You carry me to your house and open your door quickly and slam the door closed behind you.

You pull me towards the edge of the bed as you dig your head in my tight shaved pussy. you have obviously done this before. You pull up my dress and slip me out of my panties, tossing them on the side of the bed. i bite my mouth trying not to be too loud. you lick your finger and slowly enter my pussy. We get to your room and you throw me on the bed. I am already very wet but it is still a tight fit.

You stop and ask me if I am a virgin. I want you to make me cum, and cum inside of me. I blush and say yes, but don't stop. You do as you are told and finger fuck my pussy making my legs quiver from the orgasm, i cum with your finger and moan out your name.

You circle my clitoris and suck on it. I do so and you take off my dress and brassiere. I pull up your shirt and slide my hands down your torso feeling your muscles. you tell me to get on all fours on the bed, and mature women i happily oblige, still in a daze with my first orgasm by another person. I get on all fours and stick my ass out, patiently waiting for what is to come next.

I take off your pants and boxers, and toss them on the ground. You grab your now hard cock, and playfully smack my ass with it. I smirk at you, eager to feel what it is like to have a cock inside of me. i want you to fuck me with your mouth and cock. In one fluid motion your whole cock is mature women females naked (additional reading) inside of me and i scream in pain and pleasure.

You then position your cock to the entrance of my pussy and grab my hips with both hands. just when i think it is over you tell me to get up. You slowly pull out, but not all the way and i feel the fullness of your cock going in and out of me. I put my legs over your shoulders moaning and grab the hair on your head. You continue to do this faster and faster, your cock going in and out of my tight pussy.

You tell me to look straight forward. I moan, oh yes, fuck, keep going. You smack my ass, and tell me to take your cock like the whore I am. I get more turned on with the dirty talk as you continue to fuck me. You moan as well, the tightness of my pussy engulfs your cock, and you love the feel of my wet pussy.

you suddenly grab me with both hand again and ram yourself in and out of me, faster than you have fucked me before . I say yes, please, fuck me harder, make this dirty whore cum on your cock and moan pushing myself harder on your cock. You ram your cock back into me and i put my head back enjoying the feel of your cock. I scream and fall onto the bed, no longer able to contain myself and you fall on top of me.

i moan loudly, oh god yes, yes, oh fuck, as your i feel your cock start to throb inside of me sending vibrations down my spine. I hear you catch your breath as you cum deep inside my pussy, filling my tight young virgin cunt with your cum. Take that cock you dirty whore, you like being fucked my a random guy don't you. ** I am actually a virgin.

You ask me where I'm going, and if you will ever see me again. message me and we can go from there, or kik me, socalchick321 I love knowing that what i wrote made your cock hard, i like knowing that you want to actually fuck my tight virgin pussy, and cum deep inside of me. please be older than 22(my age). I tell you I have to go, and slip on my panties, and dress. your picture gets mine.

I am 22, female, and live in the orange county area. I give you a kiss, and say maybe next time. Please respond with something more than Hi/what's up, etc. hope to hear from you soon.

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