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I forced myself to eat. " With hope I asked, "Melanie? I drank some pinot grigio. I opened it and a stranger was standing in front of me. In the moment which I hung my head in despair there was a knock on the door.

Assumingly, she handed it to me and I took it. The puppy was still whining beneath the duvet of the king bed while locked in her cage. Flintlock, you called for me? She was holding an ice cooler in her hand. The lady walked in and said, "Please close the door.

" I rushed to the door. " The voice replied, "Mr. I was fidgety and I didnt know what to do with the plastic ice mature nude chest. The voice replied, "Housekeeping. I trust that you know who I am, Mr. "Im sorry for pretending to be Mr. " She smiled slowly and spoke tersely, "There are no emergencies. There are only immediate solutions.

" Silently I complied. She extended her arm and said, "My name is Hunter Burroughs. She was 100 percent business class. Flintlock, but I have an emergency. I recovered and assumed a familiar tone with her. " My brain stuttered at the fact that she knew my name. " She licked her lips and cocked her head slightly. "Is this a matter which I can help you with directly, Jordan?

" she asked with a slight smile. "So you know Melanie and I need her number. This is a private and professional issue. But if you trust Melanie enough to allow her to barge into Brents suite, then I hope that you trust that subsequent matters need to be dealt with as delicately as possible. " I did so and returned to my parlay stance. I remembered my contract with Brent and promised myself that I would keep this "whoo whoo" as discreet as possible.

She kicked off her high heels and we both stood at an equal height. She pointed at the cooler which I held in my limp left arm, "Put that on the coffee table, please. As she sized me up, I analyzed her style. How may I help you, Jordan. It was a firm and confident grip. " She smiled and licked her lips again.

She was an enigmatic figure. I felt as though we were instantly familiar and it made me feel uncomfortable. She was the most important person in this hotel. She wore her long blonde hair in corn rows. She wore a jacket, a vest and a black tie – as if mocking the male uniform. Obviously this woman had a thing for duplicity.

Instead of slacks, she wore a pencil skirt which ended just above her knees. This situation could go sour at any moment, I thought. " I squinted a confused expression. Her hands, however had French nail treatment. She explained, "Theres a phone number in there.

She returned to face me and said, "Your fee. Loose lips sink ships. " She rubbed my left bicep as she spoke, "The fact that you value discretion in your personal affairs means that you may be of some use to me right now. "I dont do FEM Dommes.

Its a hard limit," I said with a sad tone. She removed an envelope from her pocket and set it down on the coffee table. Hunter said as an aside, "Your client and I met on line while pursuing similar interests. That number is so close yet so far away. I was relieved to hear that you would not involve me in the matter between you and Melanie. " I laughed with relief.

Her suit was definitely masculine. " She said, "Hunter – call me Hunter. "Mel is into metal, Ms. I mature nude women looked at her bare feet and her toenails were painted black. " The lady explained, "Scat is not an issue. " I repeated, "Hunter. I give myself green tea enemas regularly, so my pipes are clean. I didnt know that she was into scat.

" Instantly I recognized this as a scene that needed a parlay before I claimed the envelope. This was obvious to her so she pointed toward the cooler and said, "Open it. I placed the envelope in my pocket and she immediately began removing her tight pencil skirt. I removed two gloves and placed them on my hands. I want you to give me an enema.

I looked at her and she was smiling egregiously. " She removed her thong and said, "Close the cooler and put it on the floor. There was a vessel of KY Jelly and a box of latex gloves on top of the ice. " I opened the cooler and saw a metallic chain resting within loose ice cubes. " She said, "Remove the chains from the cooler and wipe off the condensation. " I pulled the chain from the ice.

Her rotund butt cheeks were exposed. She put two pillows from the couch beneath her knees and bent her self over the coffee table. I asked, "What do you want? I gave myself a quick soapy dick and ass "spritz". I asked, "So, this is a Ben Wa bead kinda scene? I closed the door and pulled down my trousers. I grabbed a towel and returned to the coffee table.

" I took the lubricant and squeezed a dollop of the contents on her bleached ass hole. She shivered from the cold. " I had no idea of what to say. I walked into the bathroom to get a towel to wipe off the moisture. I laid the chain straightly along her spine. I knelt behind her and slowly pushed the first link into her sphincter. She watched me wipe the length of chain and said, "Dont let it get warm.

I still had the dried crud of the rapist puppy on my nether regions. Her hole accepted the metal like a suckling animal. I applied lubricant on the next link and pushed the chain farther into her starfish. She handed it to me and said, "Fuck me, Jordan. Fuck me like you hate me.

" I felt my penis, and it wasnt ready for a condom yet. Her hands gripped either sides of the coffee table over which she had bent her body. She could sense my hesitation. There are only immediate solutions. She reached into the pocket of her jacket and pulled out a condom.

This puppy situation had me stressed. I repeated this process with the cold chain until only one link was visibly hanging out of her full butt hole. Theres a toy beneath the ice in the cooler. " I reached into the ice and removed a metal dildo from the chest. She muffled a moan as if there were people in the mature women nude photos next room.

I wiped away the condensation and I placed a drop of lube on it. It was roughly a half a meter of 10 millimeter links of stainless steel. My erection at that point was ready for a condom. The head was shaped like a microphone.

I left the bullet shaped toy in her vagina and I pulled down my pants. As if reading my mind she said, "There are no emergencies. When I had it in as deeply as it could go, I pulled it in and out while hitting her cervix with every thrust. I rolled on the condom and removed the dildo from her vagina. I pressed the head of my penis against the link which dangled from her anus in order to tease her.

The dildo began to vibrate. She pulled a remote control from her vest pocket and pressed a button. " I pushed my entire shaft into her pink crease and I thumped her cervix. Damn, this lady is Jamie Bond 007, I remember thinking to myself. Silently I closed my eyes and I imagined fucking Ms. I eased the cold metal into her vagina with a circular motion. Vyce so that I would not cum too quickly.

Slowly I pushed it in and out while going deeper. After several minutes of thrusting, she broke the silence. She asked, "Why are you doing this? " I pushed her jacket, her vest and her shirt into a crumpled heap mature women free porn just below her shoulder blades.

" she moaned I answered, "Because you need to get what you deserve, you party pig cum dumpster. " "Because I hate you, you fucking whore. I inserted the toy at a downward angle and prodded her g-spot. She backed on to the toy like a cat in heat. I grabbed both her shoulders and pulled her into me as I thrusted my hips into her glutes. I answered, "You know what you did, you slut. Now youre gonna get what you deserve.

" I removed the toy and grabbed her waist with both hands. " she exclaimed every time I pounded her cervix. You know why I hate you. " she asked as she rocked back and forth onto the shaft. "Zip your sod filled mouth and get what you deserve, cunt," I growled as I augered her crease. I pulled my penis from her pleasure cave and I reached for the dildo.

I placed my left hand over her eyes as I pounded against her butt cheeks. " "Im sorry, Im sorry. Her body convulsed and I could feel her orgasm in the silence. She wheezed until she stopped breathing altogether. " she whispered, "Pull it out – Pull it out Pull it out. Her ass rippled as the surface of a pond on a windy day.

" I said, "There are no older women pictures emergencies only -" She broke character and hissed "Shut your hole and pull it out now! I reinserted my cock into her cavern of pink and I growled, "I fucking hate you. " I rested my left hand on her right ass cheek and I yanked the chain as though I were starting a lawn mower. When It was completely out of her ass, she let go of the coffee table and dropped her face flatly.

She moaned slightly as I buttoned and belted up. Her vaginal walls convulsed and gripped my cock with the strength of my own hand. I reached for old mature women my fee and opened the envelope. " I backed my penis out of her and I slowly pulled at the dangling link. She writhed uncontrollably for well over a minute as I rubbed my cock.

Finally I ejaculated on the small of her back as she regained her normal breathing patterns. "I hate you," I whispered.

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