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The majority of these have been between 2 males and 1 female. The thought of an MMF threesome gradually entered my fantasies. For about a year I have been heavily into watching homemade porn. I relished the thought of being part of a couple's sex life.

First: I'm 6'2, 185 lbs, athletic, blonde/blue-eyed (your basic Aryan, I'm kidding! I had to be part of a threesome, especially one with some male-male action. I joined an online swingers dating site. Around the same time, I began having attractions to cock. We got to know each other somewhat over the internet.

I just love seeing two real people make love. Eventually I found A LOT of homemade, or at least amateur, threesomes. After sending lots of messages to many attractive couples describing what I was looking for, I finally received a reply from a young (30s) couple in a town nearby. The day of it was all I could think about.

Now, this is something that I think is very common for guys. I learned that both were experienced in the swinger scene and were bisexual, but were new as a mature women couple. Eventually, after watching porn pics of women and being in that heightened, horny state, I think it is completely reasonable to become attracted to the thought of another mans cock.

After a week or so of talking we arranged to hot older ladies meet up at their house. As such I would be their first extra guy. My mouth watering for the juicy pussy and mature women stiff, rock hard cock that I could soon pleasure. The drive seemed to take forever, and I was shaking the whole time. Kevin opened the door. This fascination and fantasy started to become too much.

He looked just like their pictures. I nervously walked up to their front door and knocked. It was like hanging out with one of my friends. Around 8PM I headed over to their house. Slightly shorter than me but built about the same. She came up and hugged me mature women hello, asking how my drive over was. She has modest but perky breast (looked size B to me), with amazing skin and a very appreciable ass.

They were both very sexual people. We greeted each other and he immediately put me at ease. We walked into their living room where Rachel was sitting on the couch. 5'5 slim brunette with green eyes. I asked how they met and what got them into swinging.

I walked up behind Rachel and began kissing her neck and back. Rachel was sitting on Kevin's lap stroking his arms while we chatted. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. At the eventual awkward point Kevin suggested we move things to the bed room. Kevin's hand reached for her ass and grazed my groin. The sight was very arousing. He pulled off her tank top revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra.

It was definitely intentional as he glanced and me knowingly. Kevin and Rachel immediately started kissing. He laid down on the bed as Rachel and I finished undressing. She turned to me and pushed me down kissing down my torso until she had me in her mouth.

She moaned as Kevin and I caressed her body. As Rachel worked her mouth over my cock Kevin moved her to my side and laid back down with his legs over mine. At this point Kevin was stroking himself. Rachel turned around and we began making out while Kevin undressed. One of the milf pussy pics fantasies we had discussed was a double barrel blow job.

I reached over and sexy older mature women fondled her breasts while kissing her all over. His balls rested one mine. Rachel took both cocks in her hands and began stroking us both. I sat on the edge of the bed as Rachel got between Kevin's legs and began taking him in her mouth. The feeling of another hard cock on mine was amazing. We had eerily similar equipment, which was quite the turn on as it was like staring at my own dick.

He scooted toward me until our dicks were right next to each other. She eventually gave up and began rubbing our cocks together playfully. She brought her mouth down and began licking between our cocks. Without thinking I took the head of his cock in my mouth.

I worked on Kevin's head while Rachel kissed his shaft. Try as she might it was hard for her to get both cocks in her mouth. This was the first time I had felt any other man's genitals on mine. Rachel gasped, smiled, and starting kissing Kevin. At this point I couldn't help my self. God it felt so smooth.

It was quite the sight. I had never had another man suck my cock and the taboo of it was enough to make me cum there. She then took both cocks with one hand, doing the same. He pushed me on to my back, grabbed my cock, and just started going to town. I got on my knees and passionately kissed Rachel before pulling her head down with me to Kevin's cock. Rachel climbed on top of Kevin and they began fucking as I positioned myself above them so that she could blow me.

I moved my hand to his shaft and began bobbing my head up and down. As I got closer I pulled away not wanting to finish early and suggested we fuck Rachel. Fucking Rachel from behind while she was blowing Kevin was amazing. I got behind her as she positioned herself to blow Kevin.

I have never put on sexy old ladies a condom so fast. She got off and laughed telling me "Why don't you get that deep in my pussy instead". He slid his dick into her pussy and began to slowly fuck her as I put my tongue on her slit. Kevin began pumping faster as I let my tongue explore both of them.

I told Kevin to get behind Rachel as I climbed under her in a 69 position. Again, after coming close to exploding I asked if we could do something I've always wanted to try. I got a little enthusiastic and forced myself down her throat gagging her. Kevin pulled out and his cock fell into my mouth as I cleaned off Rachel's juices. The mixed feeling her her soft pussy and his hard dick was such a turn on.

She could barely work on my dick as she came very hard. As Rachel was catching her breath she said "I want you both in me now! After about 5 minutes Kevin broke their kiss and said "Your turn". She bent over a little further pushing her breasts into my face and Kevin positioned himself to enter her from behind. I really couldn't move much so Kevin did most of the thrusting.

It was a bit much for Rachel as she soon said she needed to stop. Rachel laid back watching the scene unfold and touching her self. We had discussed this before and I was beyond excited. Both Kevin and I at this point were ready to explode. I initially reached for my own dick but Kevin slapped my hand out of the way and started jacking me off, so I reciprocated.

I crawled out from under Rachel and repositioned myself so that she was riding me. I didn't think we were both going to fit but we did! I felt his cock began to pulse in my hand which sent me over the edge. The feeling of another mans cock on mine while inside that pussy made it very hard not to cum then.

She then pulled me down to do the same. Their tongues swirled in the mixture of our cum. It tasted so salty but so good. Soon Kevin and I were both panting heavily. Kevin and I locked eyes and he smiled at me. Rachel got up to clean her self off and Kevin and I grabbed a beer in their kitchen.

I followed Kevin's lead and we got on either side of Rachel as she lay on her back. We both squirted ropes of cum over Rachel's face as she went to town on her self. When we finished Rachel let out a sexy moan and pulled Kevin down to kiss her.

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