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She wrote a story about this [http://ift. She then asked me to write my side of the story. tt/1QixMdH] after I asked her to write out this very unique morning drive. I met her outside as I do every morning, we got into my car and started off the day with a kiss, some hand holding, and just about every red light possible; how lucky for the drive ahead!

She was wearing a very cute dress for me this morning. I asked her if she was wearing panties, she said yes. I asked her if she wore it for me, she said yes. I've been an avid redditor in many ways, lurker, poster, and recently an explorer of new ideas. I gave her a look and she knew exactly what I was asking.

She slides them down, leaving them on the floor of my car. Oh, this was a sign of a really fun drive ahead! As we started the drive we had some catch up conversation, some laughs, and then she gave me that look. Let me try, for a nude old ladies mature women moment, to explain this look. You're wearing a beautiful summer dress and I have a few plans". She asked me, "Should I take them off? " and looked down at my zipper.

My girl and I are lucky enough to work together and get to spend some very intimate time in the car prior to working and on the way home. " and a huge grin on my face. It's one of those where all the naughty pent up frustration of the night before wants to be released, NOW!

I mean really; what guy would ever say no to this? Without looking around, she leans over and unzips my pants, slips her fingers into my boxers and begins massaging me. We don't live together, so this time is quite precious to the both of us. We mature women have at least an hour long drive ahead of us, and she loves going down on me, as much as I love her pleasing me!

Seconds go by and she's re-positioned herself onto her knees, leaning over the arm rest and taking me into her mouth. Commonly while she's going down on me, I look around to see who is checking out what's happening in my car and from time to time, someone has seen the top of her head, the incredible grin on my face and either react with support or surprise. There's been a few times where we've risked people catching us (on purpose) where I'd lift myself enough in the chair for her to continue sucking on me, and be able to look at someone next to the car right in the eyes!

mature women I think I replied with something like "Ab-so-lute-ly! I have to tell you, I feel like the luckiest guy in traffic, almost every day. Every time this has happened, I've always wanted that time to last longer. She gave me a smirk, looked at my zipper, and asked, "can I? Most of our drive is on single lane roads.

It's scary, its hot, its sexy Mature Women, its addictive. While she's going down on me, I've got a free hand that, without fail, lifts her skirt up as far as I can; exposing her ass to be reflected in the tinted window. Being watched is such an exciting feeling.

Well I think her ass is just awesome; what do you think? Well that's where this story is going. tt/1pCyYzP] - oh did you notice that I like showing her off? Both are equally exciting, I must admit. I figure that there's a high chance that he may look into the car and see her ass, her cute butt hole, her wonderful soaking wet pussy, and get the surprise of a life time.

I'm looking at the reflection of her back side spread wide open in the tinted window and then think to myself, well . today's a nice day to show her off to someone here in person, not just on reddit where tens of thousands of people enjoy her when she shows herself off behind the safety of being online. As I drive around the corner, she has no idea what's about to happen as I normally position the car to avoid this guy and get through the light as quick as possible.

I'm quite an ass guy, oh I always love tits, oh um and nipples, and um legs, and did I mention asses? As we approach the light, I get into the lane so he'll be able to see her if he, by chance, looks into the car just at the right moment. She's doing an amazing job on me, and I give into my thought and roll the window down on her side of the car.

My nerves are soaring but I take it up a level even more than my initial thought. She doesn't stop for a moment as I've teasing her about showing her off far too many times. I slow the car down as I've just caught the red light. Now this light is at least 30 seconds before the green appears. It's not a joke and it's extremely real. This guy walks right up to the car, looks in through the front window, walks to the side and leans down to get a real good look!

He's about a foot away from her pussy! (even while writing this! In just a few minutes, this single lane road meets up with a multi lane road and on top of that, there's a newspaper guy who is always walking in the traffic between the lanes. ) I spread her ass apart so he gets a full look!

He's giving me two thumbs up and shouting "You're number one! tt/1RdoOM6] We drive for another minute or two, I'm about to lose it from excitement and there's another opportunity! Here's a view that he had, minus the Santa hat [http://ift. I say to him quickly, "Hey, not bad huh?

I slow down, I check him checking her out all in slow motion and I cannot explain the feeling is pure pleasure, yet from something so risky and not the norm! Well, I figured since the first time was moments ago and it mature women felt amazing, then why not round 2? A guy riding a bike, stopped on the side of the road.

We have a bit of dom/sub relationship but not as harsh as you may imagine. " He has the biggest grin on his face! I can't handle it any more. I pull the car over and ask her to get up, turn around, and present me with her ass. Sliding into her incredibly soaking wet pussy.

I slide my chair back and get up behind her. I pump her full of my dick a few more times, making sure my balls slap her as hard as possible while playing with her pussy. I pull out after a while and tell her that I want to cum in her mouth. I'm as deep into her as possible and so ready to nut! At this point, I let out such a roar of unbelievable pleasure! I grab her head and finish in her mouth, holding her head against me as long as I can handle.

I want her to cum too. The woman's mind can be evil! I continue to play with her and she keeps getting so close to cumming but just can't get there. It's more playful, and as loving as possible. I feel her stretch around my head, the pressure sliding into her as her lips spread and quickly meet my body. The last thing I want her to feel is embarrassment.

I only want her to have fun, feel great, feel special, loved, and safe at all times. this kind of thing happens right? I didn't want her to feel badly, I mean . The next day, we were chatting a lot and came up to the same newspaper guy . Without hesitation, she turns around and engulfs my dick in her mouth, sucking the cum out as hard as she knows I like.

We settle down and decide to finish the drive into work with all the windows down. The car has such a strong scent of sex, which means so do we and we need to appear professional at the office; no one knows about us for a bunch of reasons. We had such a great drive to the office and on the way home, we talked about what happened earlier in the day and enjoyed the drive home.

A few days later, guess what she did? I got such a big kick out it. I made it my mission to show her bits off to everyone I could possible show! This guy recognized the car immediately and started cheering us. I think she was embarrassed for a small moment, but turned into feeling proud about what had happened.

I counted 14 people that saw her in all her glory. There was a gardener who got an extra long look and even commented for her to hear while she was blowing me. Yup, she wore another summer dress. I couldn't handle the excitement any longer. We drove away, and I instantly came. We did this a number of times, each time, risking more. I had no choice but to show her off again. I'd never put her in harms way, always extremely safe.

We enjoy sharing the comments with each other. the thought intrigues me. I enjoy sharing her as often as I can here's a link to all of her pictures for your enjoyment! I'd never let a stranger get close enough to touch her since we never talked about it, but I'll admit .

tt/21WJ0ut] I hope you enjoyed the story; and if you enjoyed her pictures and or the stories, let us know?

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