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this is my first erotic writing post on Reddit. please let me know if you enjoy it. It is LONG, and it is N. Feris I look up from the back desk and I see her opening our office doors. Time slows, and the back drought from the door swooshes her brown, curly hair to one side.

The ruffles on the bottom of what looks like purple skirt, flow upward just enough to reveal a morsel of thigh, just above the knee. This is when its starts. "Get a hold of yourself man! Shy, cute, quiet, Maggie.

I smile and wave, and she reciprocates with a sly smirk. reposted to the right subreddit, reformated** Hey all. " you are a proud half brit! Her white cardigan, shawl thingy hugs her bosom and waist perfectly. You were raised with morals and character!

" Maggie sings, which brings me back from the clouds. " , I hear as I mentally scold myself! Just a movie and my pajamas. " I thought you slept naked? I hung around the house, sat on my back deck with a drink, watched a show and went to bed early. I tell myself this when I around her.

That is why you didn't use the ones the girls at the office got you for Christmas,Dr. , I was wrapped in a sheet on the couch. " Well," she paused, blushed and spoke again. " when I'm home alone, I'm naked older women too. Why didn't you come over? the voice free nude mature women in my head booms louder.

I am fighting the many urges to tell her what exactly I would have done if ever I found myself alone with her naked with alcohol. I live in the booneys right? " She teases and struts to the bathroom to freshen up for her shift. She doesn't say much and i don't know if this border-line harassment.

I told myself i was not going to flirt with her anymore. Do not succumb to the base desires. "Well as you know, my car is in the shop and your place is a 2 hour hike from my house. There is a vibe here, i know it. " My suit jacket is buttoned down all the way at this point.

I walk behind her on the way up to the front counter and cant help but notice the swing in her hips, and the slight silhouette of her ass in the dress. Is she even attracted to me? I was then pulled back from the clouds by a light touch on my shoulder, causing me turn around. My lips should be on that neck.

I realize that I am standing in the middle of the break room corridor and move out of the way. I pulse a little in my pants. " I tell myself this as i fight down another semi-erection. " My phone chimes and I stop to check it. I look up just in time to see her disrobe of her cardigan, to reveal that she is wearing a thin strapped wrap dress which shows off her elegant shoulders and long, graceful neck.

She turns around and says ," Shall we start the day started Dr. " She is shorter than me by a lot. " lets get it started! If i could have cock punched myself right then and there just to stop the throbbing in my pants, I would have.

" I sang, referencing The Black eye peas song. I cant help but notice just enough of her cleavage, and the light outline of the white trim of her bra. This didn't make my fight to stay flaccid any easier however. She is hard not to notice. Her very behavior makes me want to burst in my trousers. She giggled as she put on her lab coat, I pulsed again, and we started our day.

We got back into the break room and she plopped down an a chair as i fixed us a salad and chicken. The back and forth banter of off, sexual remarks made our 12 hour day go quickly. Lunch hour was unbearable. Truth is, its not just food that i want to feed her.

I bring a lot of food to work, but she is a nibbler. As the day went on, and it got busier, our humor kicked in. We often joke as to how much I try to feed her. But then she starts it! She eats so slowly, but even her chewing is just so. I slowly turn to face her, but by the time I have completed my rotation, our gaze will lock for a millisecond before she looks down at her food.

Sometimes, from the corner of my eye, I catch her looking at me. She is sitting on a high-backed computer chair, slouching, with her legs open JUST enough for me to marvel at her thighs. I stayed strong and looked her right in the eyes. " I teleport back from la-la land and turn around.

If i cant, i make sure she doesn't know that i am studying her body. " I said as i turned away. " " oh no thank you Maggie. I tried to ignore her when we eat lunch. A pair of fiercely penetrative blue eyes stared back at me and she said," would you like a muffin?

" so you don't want to eat my muffin? I'm full from my lunch. " well that depends what muffin we are talking about now doesn't it? " As I was busy chastising myself, but she had already slipped away to the washroom. I look back at her but her face is now tomato red.

" I chuckle and slap my knee. The door swung open and She whizzed by with her plate and cutlery in hand. I was fully erect at this point. I thanked her and went back to my office to see my next patient. You just couldn't resist throwing the sexual jab in the could you!

I thought about every desirable thing I would have like to do to her for the 3 minutes and 49 seconds while she was in the washroom. The office was closing, and we were finishing up a few things before the cleaners came to tidy up.

Turning back to take mine, she went to the sink. She was probably in my office filling already. Fast forward to the end of the day. Takes initiative, I like that. As per usuall, I walked the other staff members to their cars, and headed back inside to delegate some filling duties to Maggie, because she always stayed later with me.

It on my key-chain dangling dangerously close to my penis. Maggie was no where to be seen. Also, I don't know why she didn't just yell from down the hall. I walked up to the front fax machine to look for paper work to sign when my phone went off again. Its not like office is THAT big, and we were alone anyhow. All you had to do was firmly grasp the handle of mature women the drawer and jiggle the lock.

But still she insists on texting. I let myself have that one. I looked at her intensely and I didn't think she could get any redder. My dick was sore from going up and down all day like i was doing curls with it, and now I have to not look at her boobs.

I pushed through the crack in the door to reveal that Maggie was sitting on my desk, with one high-healed leg on my chair. Anyway, my filing cabinet was all of those things. Heart rate, skyrocketed. Her message read,"Doc, can you please help me with your stupid,old,broken, ugly filing cabinet!

I passed Maggie's petite lab coat draped over a chair. It was a long day and I gave up on fighting my urges at this point. Eyes, wide like saucers. When I grabbed the door handle to lock it, i felt the familiar touch of lace. I dropped her panties on then floor and took a step forward but stopped. " I squealed, like a prepubescent boy with a dry throat. My first reaction was to spin quickly close the door, because her cute, but plumb pussy was about to we exposed to the hallway.

would you like to eat some of my muffin Now! "Dr, I've lost my panties", she says while slowing pulling her dress up her thighs. She lifted her skirt all the way with one hand to reveal her muffin. She had stopped sliding her dress up too at this point.

Before i knew it i was on the chair in front of her, and her hand was on the top of my head, playing with my hair. " I nodded my head, "uh-huh", daring not to try to speak. I stopped DEAD in my tracks. I took a breath and went down. Plump lips, a little hood that hid her clit, well shaven with a small grass patch on top.

Instinctively, she slouched back against the wall and opened her legs wider. I didn't dive in at first. She was warm, and she was wet. Her lips were getting red, and i started to suck them, softly at first, then with enough pressure that when i pulled my head back, they would boomerang back to her.

Just to appreciate it. I guess she was ready. I looked at it for a second. Kissing the sides of her thighs, rubbing my lips and my tongue on the sides of her lips, making sure to not touch her opening. I slurped and licked it all up, as i didn't want to waste any it.

My tongue parted her curtains and reached her clit, which made her juices run down my chin. She bit her lip and gave me a look that made my mouth water before pushing my head into her great divide. She shuddered and let out a small sigh as i looked up at her smiled. The sensation of something wet on my tie suggested that i pull back and loosen it off of my neck.

Sucking, licking, flicking my tongue up and down, rolling it slowly and purposefully. I went to work this time. My whole mouth over her mound. She was drenched, and she tasted so sweet. As i pulled back to do so, she grabbed my tie and yanked me back into her!

That must have gotten her attention. Now i will drive her crazy. Maybe this will be better. I rolled the tip of my tongue out and made figure 8s on her clit. My tongue pierced her and drove inward, curling as i pushed it in and out. My hand were already wet from holding her ass , and so i prepped my secret weapon.

I heard her gasp and her breathing started to hasten. " she whispered, and i obeyed flicking my tongue up and down. The moaning intensified. Using just my pointer finger, i assesed the situation, swirling it slowly, as it made its way inside her. , all the while sucking her lips into my warm, wet mouth.

Ummmmm" she moaned in a high pitched voice. She bucked her mound into my face. " as my pulsating cock hit my zipper. I literally heard "ping! " the voice in my head roared out. Now i went for the kill. Hearing my name in such a cute, mini tone drove me absolutely WILD. I retract my pointer finger and looked up at her. I continued to do this all while still working her clit and lips with my tongue.

I smirked, licked my finger and pushed forward, but this time, i slid two in. " Yeah, she is loving this", he said, " you know what do! Her grip on my tie loosened and allowed my neck to move freely. I went to work immediately, circling her clit with my tongue, while making my patented-long-stroking-come-here motion with both my fingers.

The middle and pointer finger were enough to make her cover her mouth, and let out a muffled cry of pleasure. More pressure, faster circles, deeper finger penetration. She grabbed her hair and moaned long and slow. i thought to myself although he was right. I was concentrating so hard on her contractions around my fingers, that her muffled moans became drowned our by the sound of her juices gushing through my fingers.

In that brief moment of silence I heard her heart beat. More pulsing from the rifle down below, but I was on a mission. She bucked against me one final time and time slowed again. "thump thump thump thump! " More high pitched moaning. Another turn on for me. She shook, her back arched, she grabbed onto the side of the desk while letting out some muffled screams.

The exodus of my drenched fingers caused her to collapse heavily on the desk, breathing hard. We both start giggling. As i sat in my chair, she laid on my desk, hand in hand with me as we both giggled. After while, I helped upright and began walking to her panties were. Her breathing intensified, and so did my techniques.

" i can believe YOU called me in here! i think its your turn, no? i thought to myself, is this really happening? " i cant believe you just did that," she says breathlessly. She bit her lip and slowly stroked my cock, now rock hard, which was trying to burst free of my pants. Before i knew it, she had already grabbed my hand and began ushering me back my chair.

My manhood busted out of the hole mature women in my boxers and through the zipper opening. She pushed me back onto it and knelt in-front of me. " THAT is the sound of the front door. " "Dr, your first patient is here. I came to and Maggie was looking at me, quite puzzled.

I was just deep in thought. " She said through the glass window. Our gazes met as she slowly unzipped my zipper. "No no, just daydreaming. You were out 5 whole minutes this time. " " i don't have a muffin for you to eat," i said, trying to be a smart-ass.

I didn't even look as she walked away. Why do i let myself get like this. Can you please prep my patient please? " i think ill find something else in here, better than a muffin. " she said and walked away. It was so busy that Maggie and i didn't really get to say much to each other, and I was hurting badly as my morning mind fuck of a daydream left me horny and edgy all day. i let out a big sigh of relief as my lab coat was covering the tent that was once my pants.

Time to go home and ice my balls. "Another day another dollar" i said as I walked up to the front fax machine to collect my paper work. Digging into my lab coat pocket , i pulled out my phone to see that Maggie had texted naked older women me.

your filling cabinet is stuck again! A quick tuck up and i was ready for the day. " "Must have been important. Everyone had gone home so i locked the door and looked down the hallway at my office door. 1CiFJqj Feris_imaginatio 1I4280P 1I4280P

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