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older women nakedIt all started older mature women with me posting on /r/gonewild. After a few PM’s we decided to exchange KIK usernames. He told me he was 43 and I was intimidated but I continued talking to him because by then he showed to be really interesting. Usually I wouldn’t respond to PM’s but I was bored in class and decided to reply. We talked through KIK for a couple weeks, I was learning so much from him both on sexual and non-sexual topics.

We had intense sext sessions that made my imagination run wild. I responded with the intentions of just passing time, I didn’t know much about him and I wasn’t really interested. When I saw his profile picture I immediately asked how old he was, up until old naked ladies then I assumed I was talking to someone near my age (me being only 20). I was hot mature pics growing attached and my attention began to just focus on him.

I was pretty inexperienced having only slept with 3 guys, all my age. After about two months of talking we decided we should meet. We exchanged numbers and carried our conversation through text, then pretty soon we were face timing and conversing on real time.

I was really curious to what it would be like to be fucked my an horny older mature women galleries (check this site out), experienced man. He booked a beautiful hotel in a very nice city half way in-between our locations. However, when the day finally came I was so nervous I was feeling sick to my stomach. He was working through a divorce and staying with friends so I couldn’t go to him and I was still living with my parents so him visiting me was out of the question.

He appeared to be a very handsome man through pictures/video chat but I was afraid I wasn’t going to find him attractive in person or that our chemistry wasn’t going to spark. I wasn’t scared, I was just fearing the possible lack of connection.

In my head, the scenario played out to be thrilling and fun. I was wearing a flighty dress and was feeling confident in my appearance. The parking garage older nude ladies had an elevator attached that would take me directly up to the inside of the hotel. When I arrived I remained in my car, in the parking garage, getting myself together. Then entire drive there I played the possible outcomes in my mind.

I got in the elevator and waited what seemed to be a lifetime for the doors to lead me to the second floor. As i walked towards the elevator I felt my knees weakening as I approached the door. I liked the private and discreet feel of the place. He was sitting on a plush lounge chair and stood as I came out. I was pleasantly surprised with his appearance; He is tall, slender, light-haired, blue-eyed, and has the nicest trimmed salt n' pepper beard.

Due to us being 3 hours away from each other our meeting was planned carefully. I’m still almost shivering with the nervousness but getting that initial introduction out of the way calmed me slightly. I finally built up the courage to get out of my car. We enter the room and he sits on the couch while I have a seat on the bed.

We small talk a little bit before I realize I have to go down to my car to grab my stuff. He carries himself very elegant and classy. I texted him that I had arrived and he replied to me saying he would be waiting for me outside of the elevator on the second floor. He offers to help but I decline due to needing some time to myself after the flush of nerves I just experienced.

I taste it and put it down whereas he downs his. He invites me over to sit on the couch with him. I’m greeted with a kiss to the cheek and he escorts me to our room. His hands are big and gentle yet firm. I grab a beer and before I know it I’m calm and talkative.

I put my feet up on his lap and he begins to give me a foot massage. He kisses my neck from behind and that sends chills down my spine. Slowly they opened and there he was waiting for me. He offers to give me a back massage, so i turn around and he begins to massage the kinks on my back.

I am so turned on and I’m ready for him at that point. I move my foot over his lap and I can feel his hard bulge and that only turns me on so much more. I come out of the restroom in short loose shorts and a tank. We move from the couch to the bed and we kiss. I hop onto the bed and crawl to him. Once I make it back into the room, he offers me a Kir Royale.

I know exactly where this is going so I excuse myself to go take a quick shower and change into something more comfortable. We begin to make out and his hands touch my body. His hands move to more intimate areas. We start off slowly and then it becomes more intense. His facial hair being rubbed on my cheeks and neck.

I can feel the excitement in his touch… exploring me and watching how my body reacts to him. He goes from kissing me there to licking me and his tongue, so soft and wet makes my back arch my knees open wide. He moves his head up to kiss and rub his beard on my inner thighs. At this point I’m wet and ready for him. His fingertips trace the inner part of my panties, just barely brushing over my pussy.

He gives me butterfly kisses all down my body then slips my panties off. His fingers are long and thick. He moves from my feet up to my legs and his touch is immediately turning me on. He puts another finger in and slowly finger fucks me as he eats me.

He can feel how wet and tight, the tension he has built in me. I squirm in excitement as he opens my legs and lightly kisses my smooth pussy. I grab his head and he can feel the hard contractions around his fingers. Dazed, I see he come up and gets on top of me and slides his hard cock into me.

He lies back on the bed and I put his wet cock into my mouth and taste our sex. He softly licks my clit then pushes one finger into me. We continue to have sensual, passionate sex for the rest of the night. In the morning, I’m woken up to coffee and kisses. He kisses me as he thrusts into me and I can taste myself on his lips, his beard wet with my juices.

That initial penetration and stretching feeling is a feeling I’ll never forget. We go down to the spa area in the mature women middle of the night and hang out in the hot tub and sauna. We go back into the room and have more sex until we fall asleep spooning. We both leave satisfied with the next meeting in mind. We order room service, eat, then have more sex.

This occurred almost a year ago and I’m happy to report our relationship is just as great now. After I shower and get ready, he fucks me one last time before I get my things and load my car. He is an amazing man, teacher, and lover.

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