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A newly intelligent robot equipped with experimental pleasure sensors has sex for the first time. How is this going to work? : "You… want to know what sex feels like? " Adam glanced at the robot that had walked into his room skeptically, his brows furrowed together with confusion.

"I wasn’t aware that robots could feel touch at all. " "I have had… modifications. It was the truth; Tensile had been one of the first robots to have been granted a true artificial intelligence, and the scientists that had created him were conducting a behavioural study to understand how he would respond to human situations. A/N: This story is also posted on my FA account.

In this particular case, he’d been told to find a human escort and engage them in sex to see if the pleasure sensors that had been installed into his body were operating correctly. His own touch had never done anything for him, and in all his time with true intelligence he had never found a true human companion. The robot had gone out looking, far too aware of the stares he was given as he strode along the streets.

" Tensile’s response was stiff, his mechanical body twitching and shifting in a way that was oddly human. He searched, but nothing really caused a reaction - at least not until he saw Adam. The man was dressed provocatively, and rather traditionally handsome. He had protested, mature women female nudes of course, but in truth he found himself curious.

The fact that the first one seen was apparently looking for an escort… Well, it drew some curiosity. A rugged jaw lined with faint stubble outlined a confident smirk on his face. Tensile had ignored the stares he had received and politely declined the few people who came forward to proposition.

This street was well-known to be often frequented by prostitutes, so anyone who did wander down the street was always given judgemental stares - but a robot had never been seen in public before. A strange whirring sound began near the vents that lined his sides, and it took a moment for the robot to milfs over 40 realise that his systems had begun heating up just from looking at the man.

He had long, dusty blonde hair slicked back on his head… honestly, he might as well have been shirtless; all he wore on his body was a red, open vest that framed his muscular body. And those jeans were definitely far too tight for him. " Tensile watched as a spectrum of emotions flickered across the human’s face - confusion, initially, followed by discomfort, then resolution.

"Ah, excuse…" Adam turned to Tensile as the robot tapped him on his shoulder, and the mechanical being’s speech abruptly faltered as his processes went haywire in a way he’d never experienced before. "If you have the money, I’m available. His processes stuttered, halted, and started again, and a strangely warm feeling rose in his body.

"I have…" Tensile fumbled for a moment - strange, his systems were usually incredibly precise - fingering a compartment in lower thigh. It slid open after a moment, a wad of bills kept tightly rolled up inside, and Adam’s jaw dropped slightly at the bundle of cash. " "More than enough, buddy. It outlined his package and ass in a way that drew Tensile’s optics.

" Adam’s voice was strained, but only slightly; he carried himself with a practiced air of confidence. He vented a cycle of air through his systems, making a faux-human cough in embarrassment. None of them were particularly attractive to him, though he didn’t even know what he found attractive, at the time.

That brought them to where they were now. The truth, it seemed, was far stranger. " The sultry smirk made its way across his face once more, pictures of mature women directed straight at Tensile this time, and the robot had to take a second to process it. The man sighed, taking a moment to gather himself and psych himself up, and when he was done he gave the robot a lascivious grin.

For… escort services? "Let’s test out these… modifications. " Adam strode forward, shrugging off older nude ladies his vest in a quick movement. Adam had believed that Tensile was simply a human in a very, very realistic costume up until this point. The human gave him a lingering smile, ran a single finger down the robot’s plated chest - Tensile shuddered, his optics flickering for a moment at the wave of sensation that originated from the human’s touch.

" His voice lowered, gained a more seductive quality, and Tensile shivered in spite of himself as it breathed past his audio receptors. Once they’d arrived at Adam’s room, Tensile had no idea how to continue, and had asked the human for assistance.

It was soft and warm, a gentle touch that made the robot squirm with delight. " Adam’s tone was still skeptical, but he toned it down, not wanting to lose the money he could gain. I believe my sensors need to be… recalibrated. " Adam yelped, stepping back quickly, not sure what to make of the robot’s reaction. He let out a gasp, venting air quickly into his systems, and fell to his knees as his legs weakened.

He wouldn’t quite look at the human’s eyes, thoroughly embarrassed by the intensity of his reaction. Most were simply there for the pleasure - they would use him and leave, leaving the man feeling dirty and disgusted afterwards.

Tensile couldn’t help but stare at the vest as it fell off the well-muscled man’s shoulders, almost as though he was hypnotised by the movement. " Tensile’s voice had a hint of static and he continued to cycle air through his systems, making a sound much like he was panting.

The robot seemed like he wasn’t trying to use Adam at all, like he genuinely wanted the man and had no idea how to express it. "Why don’t you lie on the bed? In truth, he was intrigued; he’d never quite had a customer react with such genuine intensity before. It made Adam feel a warmth he hadn’t felt for a long, long time; it was adorable, really, how the robot seemed incredibly awkward and uncertain.

With Tensile, it was different. " Adam was quick to reassure the robot, giving him a charming smile. " Adam gestured, careful not to touch Tensile again just yet. " Tensile looked at the human curiously, but there seemed to be a nervous smile in his voice when he replied. "It’s best to recalibrate when you actually have me on hand, right? Adam grinned at the robot, sparking that unfamiliar curling warmth in his stomach.

You can adjust it to just the right levels. It creaked under his weight, but fortunately held fast. Tensile stared up at the man, simultaneously afraid and excited. The robot wobbled, still a little unsteady on his feet, eventually making his way to Adam’s bed. He had no idea what this experience would be like, but that simple touch told him to expect amazing things.

"I, ah…" Tensile searched for words he couldn’t find. The synthetic shivered as Adam crawled up onto the bed, his weight causing it to dip even further, and gave him a sultry smile. It turned him on in a way that just didn’t make sense; he didn’t understand how the human was able to elicit such strong reactions with these simple gestures and actions.

Begin wherever you want. It had been a long time since he had been rendered speechless; he didn’t think it had ever happened, in fact. He didn’t hold anything back, not like the people he normally worked with; everything was new to him and he obviously had no idea how to deal with it. " Adam had to hold back a genuine smile to keep up appearances - the robot was genuinely cute in his reactions.

" He paused, then added, more softly: "Please. Adam, of course, was more than willing to help him with that. "So, where would you like me to begin, sir? He would have questioned it, but he had a big robot to please, and he was becoming very invested in finding out all the ways Tensile could moan.

suppose you are right," he said tentatively, slowly pushing himself to his feet. " Adam’s voice was teasing, and Tensile’s hands flexed and grabbed on to the sheets as he spoke. He chuckled softly, quickly shucking off his pants. A burst of static came out of his speakers. The man leaned in, gave him a cocky grin, and pressed soft lips against the cables of Tensile’s neck.

It was amazing, and it was a flood of electricity from the point of contacts to his processors, scrambling his thought processes momentarily and puffing heated air from his systems. The vents on his sides glowed red from the heat for a second, before safeguards kicked in to prevent Adam from being burned. Tensile’s entire body arched, shuddering; the sheets he gripped in his hands tore with the force he gripped it with.

The robot in question made a whirring sort of noise in his throat, the robotic equivalent of a gulp as Adam sat straddled above him. Adam chuckled, trying to hide the blush that had risen onto his face. "I suppose you liked that," he said instead. He wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath, and he was well aware of the way Tensile’s optics were immediately drawn to his hard, bobbing cock.

The robot had never felt something so soft touch him, had never had a naked human above him with the intention of offering him pleasure, had never felt the caress of human lips… It was new. Not the moan the men and mature women usually used when they were using him purely for the sake of pleasure; Tensile was practically celebrating his name, savoring it.

"Y-yes…" Tensile wasn’t sure how to respond, truthfully wasn’t sure if his attempts to speak were even coming through correctly; the touch of the human overwhelmed him, deliberate or otherwise. His tongue darted out, ran along the cables of Tensile’s neck, and this time he was prepared for the way the robot bucked underneath him. Tensile wasn’t sure when it ended, his internal chronometer having been completely scrambled by the experience; when he regained control of his body, he was staring up at Adam, heat venting out in rapid cycles.

His fingers teased the robot’s sized, caressing the overlapping plates, and Tensile gasped and groaned underneath, his optics flaring and flickering in equal measure. The human was smirking at him, small circles traced on the edge of his hip, and Tensile shuddered at even that small feeling. Adam was sitting right above his crotchplate, the human’s thighs pressed to his hips; nimble fingers explored the ridges on his chest while Adam’s lips hovered and nipped at his jaw.

"Seems you’re properly calibrated, now," Adam commented. Adam couldn’t remember the last time he’d been so easily turned on by a client; this was the first time he was really getting into it. Tensile refrained from telling the human that he hadn’t calibrated his sensors at all, had been too busy basking in the feeling of being touched, of having a warm body pressed against his own.

His processors had slowly gotten used to the feeling, but it wasn’t quite the same as numbing down the sensors, and… Well, truth be told, Tensile wasn’t sure he wanted to recalibrate them. He loved feeling the way he did now. It didn’t trigger the same sensual reaction he had to everything else; instead, his circuits pulsed in a pleasant, fluttery sort of feeling… Tensile was abruptly distracted when the human reached down and started tracing the edges of his crotchplate.

"A-Adam…" The name was whispered, moaned, and the human’s heart skipped a beat at the way it had been said. "You’re adorable," Adam told him, and Tensile’s optics flickered away in embarrassment. The whole time, Adam watched with a grin.

"So, do you have equipment down there? Slowly but surely, he forced himself to calm, restricting himself to heavy breaths. " In all his excitement, Tensile had forgotten. His software hadn’t been upgraded to automatically unlock his plating just yet; he had to manually give it the command to open up the plating and allow his cock to push out. "I am functional," he responded instead, and was surprised when Adam reacted by giving him a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

The robot squirmed and gasped, the bed creaking underneath his bed as he tried to resist bucking as he had the first dozen times Adam had done this. He could feel the synthetic shaft throbbing and pulsing from within his plating, aching to be released. It looked as though it had been designed for pleasure; the length of Tensile’s cock was ribbed and plated milfs over 40 itself, part metal and part silicone.

Along the sides, a faint but soothing light shone from within. Adam was fascinated by the mechanical wonder that popped out, already leaking a synthetic fluid to lubricate the rest of the shaft. "You have your own light source, huh? " Adam joked with a grin, and Tensile gave an embarrassed sounding cough, letting out a slight chuckle.

"I thought it looked, ah… interesting. I can turn it off, if you like. " Adam smirked, running a finger from the bottom to the tip of the robot’s cock. Tensile shuddered, and disengaged the lock. Tensile let out a shuddering gasp, his body shaking at the touch, but he’d grown more used to the human now and could withstand it without his processors going haywire. He was panting, he realised had been overwhelmed easily by the human’s mere touch.

" Part 2 in the comments below. "I think it’s rather cute. Vastelis [2 comments] "I… may have requested it," the robot admitted. That can’t be all you wanted…" "Ah… yes.

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